I work with women of great vision who are holding themselves back, but they’re not sure why.

I help them access the radical clarity and confidence they need to make bold, aligned moves toward realizing their deepest desires in life, love & purpose.

If you’re seeking a truth-telling & playful approach to personal transformation – one that encompasses every aspect of your life – you’re in the right place.

You’re an awesome & ambitious woman who believes in the possibility of permanent and lasting transformation ... but you keep coming up against the same barriers in love, vitality, money, career and purpose.

You’re ready to feel even better, to do even better for yourself, and to be an even better version of yourself ... but you're stuck in a negative cycle.

You sense you’re meant for something more ... but you can't figure out what that even means.

And you’d like to:

  • Experience incredible vitality and clarity
  • Discover deeper love & connection
  • Create an amazing vision & build it now
  • Access your life’s purpose & bring it into being
  • Own your worth and personal creative power
  • Express yourself and your gifts in the world
  • Enjoy the extraordinary experience of being alive                        


*                  *                  *

I spent many years as an actress and writer in New York City, where I moved a lot, tried out many different jobs (waitress, copywriter, crisis intervention counselor, first grade teacher, yoga instructor) and burned through more than my fair share of unsuccessful relationships.

The outside of my life looked adventurous, but inside I felt frustrated and empty.

Then, four years ago, I found myself unemployed, single, and over-eating on the couch, feeling fragile, lost and alone.

Suddenly a question occurred to me:

Are there really people out there who love their lives?

Who wake up knowing they’re living up to their full potential?

I wanted that so badly to be true for me.

That conversation with myself (and a very supportive friend) launched me on the mysterious and fulfilling path of personal transformation.

I lost 30+ pounds, healed from a decades’ long struggle with emotional eating, went from fighting off constant dark feelings of sadness, loneliness and a sense of being all alone (not to mention years of unexpressed anger, hurt and abandonment), to feeling light, cheerful, connected, and ready to serve.

I got comfortable in my own skin, went back to school, opened a private coaching practice, and moved to upstate New York’s beautiful Hudson Valley.

I began speaking and writing about personal transformation, and as the process unfolded, I became clearer about who I am, how to live in a beautiful & alive feminine way, to honor my authentic desires, and to allow a constant evolution in my life, vitality, relationships, passions, and purpose.

No matter how far I come, I find that there is always another level of personal growth, and a higher caliber approach to self-care, spiritual connection, supportive friendships, career success, and enjoyment of life.

Discovering an entirely new approach to life has shifted my own experience of being alive, and it’s an approach I’m thrilled to be able to pass along to my clients.

Is there a place you keep getting stuck?

Are there old patterns you feel are running your life?

Do you feel filled with potential but have no idea how to fulfill it?

Or …

Are you already successful in your career but want to deepen your marriage?

Are you connected in your relationships but feeling closed off to greater success in your business?

Do you like your life but sense there’s a higher level you’re ready to access? A book you need to write? A speech you need to give? A place of leadership you’re called to step into?

Using the practical yet revolutionary tools, techniques and resources offered in my program we’ll get you where you want to be!

Working together, we will …

  • identify where you’re held back
  • remove old blockages to help you go from blocked to flow in all areas of your life (love, money, vitality)
  • learn how (and why it’s necessary!) to honor yourself always
  • discover a way out of chaos & overwhelm to clarity & vitality
  • build your esteem & confidence so you can own your gifts
  • create a vision for how you want your life to look & feel
  • design a strategy – specific to you – to get you there


Ready to experience that?

Let's set up a time to talk! 

Photographs courtesy of A. de Vos Photography